[Feature Request] Enforcing or locking safe search or strict search in Brave Search

Description of the issue:

We live in a world where research proves the existence of pornography addiction and it’s terrible effects on the brain. Children can have easy access to internet pornography through searches so parents who are aware will want the best solutions available. Also pornography or internet addicts are trying to get tools to quit.

It would be absolutely phenomenal if Brave provided a way to enforce or lock safe search or strict search on Brave Search and prevent it from being easily bypassed.

Maybe create a way for developers to take advantage and enforce it through their software like how several blockers do so by what Google provided. Like some form of enterprise policy. Google provides a way to implement this enforce/lock safe search method well.

Or maybe implement a search engine similar to safe.duckduckgo.com.

So an example


would exists so that other search engines can be blocked via a 3rd party app and only use search engines with safe search on.

Google has information on the way they provide this maybe some ideas can be gotten from information on these links:

Thanks for reading and hope this is implemented very soon.

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I agree, we need a way to lock the safe search option like google.com does. Need to protect the most vulnerable.


Replying to helpfully bump this thread. This is an EXTREMELY necessary feature. I think everyone who understands the severity of pornography is dissuaded from using brave. I have younger family members that are stuck using censorship ridden duckduckgo for this reason. I’m not sure why this isn’t a feature yet - please implement an alternative domain or Safe Search dead lock of some kind. I would gladly recommend brave search to family and vulnerable addicts if so.


I would recommend using a custom Dns like NextDNS (pihole possibly) to block the adult content domains themselves. By doing it, users will not be able to connect via normal ISP but will need to use a their custom dns (like vpn) to circumvent nextdns.

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Another vote to add the ability to force safe search.
Custom DNS is a tool worth using, but image searches through a search engine is a bypass to that which takes no brainpower whatsoever.

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I’ve moved this thread into the feature request section on your behalf.


Greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why has this not been implemented yet??? Who is responsible for the hold up?
Adult search is wide open? Who is slacking off? Post names! Fire this idiot right now! Someone needs to be held accountible.
The adult lock can easily be toggled off.
Did the devs not realize this or they wanted to groom kids!!! Fire them now and get this locked! Who is slacking off!!!


It is delibreately made that way, and will stay that way.

All search engined fucntion this way.

Yes it was deliberately made that way and no it won’t stay that way as long as the devs are catering people and actually want different kinds of people to use their search engine. It’s an easy way to increase Brave Search’s popularity because people like having options to prevent/lock safe search.

So a good news update on this feature request guys. After encountering this comment here

I think I can confirm that it is true that safesearch.brave.com has been implemented. You can still change the strictness setting but it will have no effect on the results that show up if you do search up something that is NSFW.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this possible! Happy Brave Searching.


This is truth, brave have to implement this…

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I’m a new Brave fan and just recently downloaded it onto my computer and mobile device. Thank you for the hard work you’re doing.

I see this thread was started a few months ago. In case developers are interested in hearing feedback from customer, I would humbly request having a safe search option added to settings, since I didn’t see this anywhere on the iPhone mobile app when I checked today.

My reason for the request: some extremely obscene content showed up in my search results today. The content was in the category of which I believe most reasoning people would consider highly offensive and was unrelated to the object of the search I performed using Brave. I felt rattled by this and would prefer to not have this type of content show up in search results. As a side note, I also look up items for children from time to time, and has already been stated by users above, these type of search results aren’t acceptable for children (I would add, nor for anyone). Although I looked, I didn’t see anything in settings which gave information about turning on safe search. Thus I stumbled onto this forum.

I think I see from the comments above that users may navigate to a different URL, in order to accomplish a safe search, instead of simply performing a search within the app. This step would be too complicated for me, I prefer easy and quick. Safe search IS easy and quick with other browsers, such as Safari (although here I mention my preference to not return to using biased browsers, such as Safari, Google Chrome, etc. Those other browsers just lack so many helpful features that Brave has, such as the wonderful feature of not suppressing the truth in order to tailor search results according to the biased mainstream narrative. Also the privacy shields are amazing!)

If you are able to help, I would greatly appreciate having an update to an already great app. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for me in case I’m missing seeing something in settings. Thank you for your time in reading my note.

Google absolutely does not work that way. Using AdGuard Family DNS and Google search is locked and not able to toggle into adult mode.

Our company provides free internet filtering based on traditional Christian values. We allow parents to enforce “safe search” modes on their wi-fi network. As of 1/18/22, we only allow access to the “safe modes” of 4 search engines: Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, & Yandex. When a parent turns on our “safe search” mode, we attempt to block access to every other search engine we know of. We recently had to add search.brave.com to the list of search engines we block when our “safe search” mode is enabled because we got reports that it was accessible and allowed access to pornographic material. But am I understanding that a Brave safe search sub-domain has been launched? Is it working effectively no showing pornographic links in the search results page?

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Is indeed the solution.

What took so long :tired_face:

internet porn is colonialist and imperialist, it puts lives in danger, and is haram, it also erases women and suppresses freedom of religion!

I’ve tried multiple methods of globally enforcing brave safesearch - and none of them work.

The same methods that work on Google, Duck, Bing, etc.

So unless I’m missing something - this feature (the ability to enforce safesearch) has not been implemented yet.

Hey there, I work for a parental controls company called Safe Surfer. Being able to enforce the Strict SafeSearch filter through a CNAME DNS record is really important to us, because this would enable us to better protect our users worldwide, including minors, from exposure to online pornography.

@Mattches , could you please bump this through to your IT team that takes care of Brave Search? Ecosia have just added support for locking SafeSearch through a CNAME record, and it would be really great to see Brave Search support it, too. This would be a massive help to a lot of people.

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I have forwarded this information to our Search team for review. Thank you