[Feature Request] Enforcing or locking safe search or strict search in Brave Search

Description of the issue:

We live in a world where research proves the existence of pornography addiction and it’s terrible effects on the brain. Children can have easy access to internet pornography through searches so parents who are aware will want the best solutions available. Also pornography or internet addicts are trying to get tools to quit.

It would be absolutely phenomenal if Brave provided a way to enforce or lock safe search or strict search on Brave Search and prevent it from being easily bypassed.

Maybe create a way for developers to take advantage and enforce it through their software like how several blockers do so by what Google provided. Like some form of enterprise policy. Google provides a way to implement this enforce/lock safe search method well.

Or maybe implement a search engine similar to safe.duckduckgo.com.

So an example


would exists so that other search engines can be blocked via a 3rd party app and only use search engines with safe search on.

Google has information on the way they provide this maybe some ideas can be gotten from information on these links:


Thanks for reading and hope this is implemented very soon.