Brave Rewards Verfication on Desktop browser doesn't work

I have been using Brave browser on my phone, laptop and desktop. I recently changed my laptop and installed Brave.

Now when I want to claim my Brave Rewards I am asked to prove I am human by dragging the Brave LOGO into different shapes shown there.

This system introduced by the team is completely flawed and doesn’t work at all. I have tried this over a 100 times now and it always says “Hmmm not quite”.
This is really annoying to see something like this being released without being tested enough for its effectiveness.

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dude. i JUST typed this up. it’s a 4K res problem. check my ticket created, like minutes ago.

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For the fact that you managed to make some tokens through Brave per month its a big deal indeed! All you need to master your" track and drop " is for an example: if a system says trop a triangle icon into a squire box, make sure that you put it exactly 90 degree to 90 degree, if it says into a circle ; trop a circumference line precisely into its circumference line , then you are graduated, no hard feelings! Failing that ; you shall wait for a fresh new month, meaning the rest of the previous month shall be history. I do believe this is enough for you.

A lot of users have been reporting this the past few days and a temporary fix appears to be changing your zoom settings. Keep zooming out by a few increments until it works. Some have been as far as 50% zoom or even zooming in at over 100%


i think it’s because users weren’t aware of what the problem could be. seems to me that having a 4K monitor makes the most sense in terms of why the captcha won’t actualize

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