Brave Rewards human verification errors!

So I am trying to claim the money I made using brave from ads and I’m trying to do the “Prove that you are human” thing. I’m pretty sure I’m dragging the BAT icon into the correct shape but it still tells me “hmm… not quite…”. Like, come one seriously this is triggering. Please if you know how to solve this contact me.


Same here. I did it about 10 times and gave up.

Have a look at the thread Proving I’m Human. You are not the only one having this issue.

Try altering the zoom settings of your screen and check whether the ‘Prove that you are human’ captcha now works. @Mattches and @iK01 suggested to set it to 100%.
I had the same problem and for me it worked when I reduced the zoom setting to 90%. @scottnamie was successful with 50%.
As you can see, play a little bit with the zoom settings and most likely you will be able to pass this captcha at some point.

And a fix for this issue is already under development, as far as I know :slight_smile:

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