Can't claim my rewards captcha doesn't work ?!

Hi, I have a problem I can’t claim my rewards on Brave browser because of the captcha didn’t working, it says “put the logo on triangle/circle/square” and when i do that, it doesn’t work at all, it always say 'hmmm not really… prove that you are an human" (i’m french sorry for my bad english, my browser is also in french).

What can i do ? i tryed like 100 times…

Can gou make sure your DPI settings is set to 100%? And also the page zoom is 100%?


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I am having the same problem, each time I try I get “Hmm…not quite”, dpi is set to 100 and zoom is at 100 %, Brave is the latest version and I on Windows 7.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I set to 100% DPI and it worked perfectly. I’ll remember next time :wink: but maybe try to do something for that :smiley: because newbies and casual users wouldn’t do that effort xD i guess

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