Brave rewards status pending since 10 months, after update they ALL disappeared. Reward do not work

Basically nothing works on Brave.
Verified my UpHold, using brave browser daily and checked a ton of posts about this issue and trying every troubleshoot possible.

  1. Brave reward of 10 months ago have been in pending. Recorded and screenshot every month as proof.
  2. Rewards do not work anymore. Firstly on my main PC and soon after on my laptop (both MacOS). I troubleshooted this extensively to no avail.
  3. All Brave rewards I have accumulated for months now have disappeared !

Please explain to me why should I back up this project anymore as it seems to be a fail/scam each and everyday.

PS: Customer support is inexistent and in my opinion this should be illegal. I really hope you get audited and checked as its unacceptable at this point.


Why would Brave need to get audited? They’re not a financial services company, and don’t have a financial services license! Brave is one of the top 5 largest browser companies, if they had done anything illegal, they would long have had legal action and a class action lawsuit. But there is none!

Did you even try to create a support post? This is your first post, and you didn’t even follow the required template details!

Or did you even direct-messaged one of the support staff on the forum?

Since cryptocurrencies are not regulated I’m not surprised. Wait for it.

I sent privately, tagged, with no response in days.

I’m sorry I didn’t follow the guide\template on ‘’ how to send a basic request’’ to the biggest selling point of the browser’’ which does not work for almost a year now. Maybe someone should send me a 10 page instructions on ‘‘how to’’ … facepalm*

Quite sad you have to write on subpar blogs in expectation you get some ‘‘support’’. If this is even the main support page…

PS: Maybe you haven’t checked this page yet since a huge proportion of users have the same issues.
And yes, I read the updates regularly. I guess I just had hopes they would fix this all these months.

Your message is as helpful as the admins/support of this page.

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There you go tag.
Please advise !

Make sure connect and disconnect your Uphold wallet and try it

What kind of “blogs” are you even sending to? Why would Brave support be lurking in blogs?

If you want support you should post in here in these official forums, before 10 months had past. If you don’t bother providing technical details in the support template, how will they help you?

If you don’t get any help in a reasonable amount of time, you should keep posting new requests, or tag the staff members promptly. I see you have done it now, good!

Help does not come to those who wait.

Did that multiple times.

Restored my wallet, backup-ed. Checked all the settings in my Mac according to the guide on Bat’s forum. (I’m sure its not that as it worked 10 montsh ago).
Then synced my Macbook, worked for 1 week and it does the same thing again, for 2 months now.

Reinstalled, updated, I even used a brand new extra MacBook freshly installed and ads worked the same like the other, only this time for 1-2 days.

The account pending issue persisted on all machines !

Please be aware there are TONS of posts regarding this issue. Like literally thousands with NO RESOLVE! I check hundreds of them and most say wait for update 1.27, or before wait for update 1.21 , etc etc. Ironically after update 1.27 all my pending bats disappeared.

I waited for updated almost a year.
In the meantime I’m enjoying no rewards system on a browser that occasionally crashes/freezes on 3 new brand machines (MacPro Mid range, and 2 Macbook 16").

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I’m sorry. In my line of work I like things to work, not middle in forums to find the golden leprechaun to give me the same copy paste ‘‘it will be fixed on the next update’’.

I need assistance, period!

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Again, I will copy paste until I get assistance.

Please advise!


Thank you for reporting! Please DM with the following information:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals)
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version)
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards.

This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!

@steeven I DM’ed you with all the details and even copied some error longs I just found out.


Last payment from Brave on 17-10-2020. then there is no payment. Even though my dashboard has filled up to 1558.50 BAT, so far no payment has been made to me. What is my fate?

Every 90 days or 3 Months you should deauthorize and authorize the brave browser in Uphold.
Step - 1 : Go to Uphold and click the profile
Step - 2 : And then click Application option
Step - 3 : Then Click Authorised application.
Step - 4 : Touch Brave Browser and click Remove option in the bottom
Step - 5 : Your Payment will be initiated

If you are OK then give me some BAT’s to my account

XRP Address: rn3wM1zgHFfUE91GPUnUAudjaK7L4fJzfd

XRP Destination Tag: 11495981

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