Brave rewards wont transfer my balance to wallet and I haven't been given my rewards this month

One of my brave rewards that i have setup on my secondary PC hasn’t yet sent the 43.6 bat to my uphold account, I’ve been waiting for at least two weeks for it to finally transfer but it still hasn’t. On top of this I was not given my monthly reward on either computer, now it just shows the same number it did before as my payout for this month but saying it will be payed out till October instead of yesterday. I know the second issue might just be brave being slow to pay out but I’ve had so many issues with this system that I could see it just as easily being another bug.


I have same issue my desktop browser bat token are still shows there and reward screen show you get pending reward 6 Oct. But It should be transfer today.

I have the same problem and I have not received the payment for two months.

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So does anyone at brave actually check these or do they just f*ck off and ignore this in the hopes the community itself can fix everything, this is a huge issue that has been constant for months and everywhere I look it seems the Brave team is incredibly slow to do anything only dealing with the odd single user every once in awhile instead of fixing this buggy system.


another month, another absolutely nothing being added to my coin wallet. would be really nice if you would reply brave.

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