Brave rewards sending multiple times

My autocontribute for November processed over 10 times, so instead of splitting 5 BAT between the verified sites, it sent over 50.

How can this issue be reproduced? I’m not sure how it can be reproduced. I’ve turned auto contribute off now

Brave 1.5.1


Who can I contact? I have lost $30 or so worth of brave…

The same thing happened to me today too, I lost 131 BAT in about 7 auto contributes in 10 seconds… I’ve started my own thread, but will keep an eye on yours too to find out why this happened.

Yikes. Have you heard any update yet?

They closed my topic, but did give me this link. Whether it will be sorted or not, I do not know.

Hi @luth_er - did you write in to

Yes I reached out a few days ago.

Hi @steeven, I did, but haven’t heard back yet.

I’ve not heard back yet either.

I have still not heard back… Does anyone have any thing else I can do?

I still haven’t heard anything on this yet.

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