Brave rewards reduced to half?

So for the same number of ads, I am getting half the amount of BAT. I have viewed more number of ads this month as compared to last month but BAT amount was much more last month as compared to current month. Has Brave reduced the amount of BAT we get for ads since BAT value has increased in recent times?
In current month, I have received 368 ads for which I have received only 2.856 BAT (2.32 USD)

Check the value of your ads here.
If anything you should be getting more money this month due to the value of BAT at .81cents as writing this according to coinbase. However, there are more ads (at least for me) that are not worth 0.010 bat but instead worth only 0.005 or 0.0025 etc. Perhaps you have received more of these low paying BAT ads even though you have received more ads in comparison to this month. If you are eligible for new tab page ads, a lot of these ads these past few days are now only worth 0.005 instead of 0.010. So that could also be it as well.

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Can you briefly explain what I’m looking at at the website you linked?

It is basically the value of a specific group of ads, how many there are, duration of ad date time frame. Idk which ones you have in your region, but for me by looking at Upland, I can see that there are 7 possible ads that can come from them, available for only until 8.31.21, available on all platforms and the value of BAT and USD.

Everyone’s sampson brave ads will be unique to wherever they are from. So mine is catered towards US and my linux OS. I will not be seeing ads available only in Germany on Windows devices etc.

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I’m getting ads with value as low as .001 BAT :expressionless: man…this is so frustrating…I’m only seeing ads worth 0.001, 0.0025 and 0.005 BAT. No more ads worth 0.01 BAT

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