Bat rewards per ads 0.001 and 0.002

today brave rewards per ads bat is 0.001 and 0.002


Yeah noticed this too. I understand that the price of BAT is fluctuating and thus the intrinsic cost/value of each promotion, but I was earning much more when ads were giving .01 each, even if BAT was valued half of what is today. During October BAT was 0.7$, now it’s 1.2$. Simple math tells me that at the current exchange rate we’re being paid much less

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I understand but now bat price is low $1 something
When bat price is high two week ago $1.8 then bat per ads give 0.025 , 0.010 now
Bat price $1.0… Something now brave reward per ads 0.002

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Have some that pay even less. I’ve requested a feature you can vote on to filter out these low paying ads. This will force advertisers to up their prices is they want their ads to be viewed.

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