BAT per ad got reduce again

Good morning. I just want to ask about the ads. Why did you reduce the BAT per ad? Before it was 0.05/ad then 0.025/ad. But now I only received 0.010/ad. I think that’s too low.
On payment day, what will be use to calculate the estimated payments?

  1. the estimated pending rewards?
  2. the notification ads(count) in a month?
    I have 30+ pending BAT and if you use the 2. to calculate the payment then 509 ads x 0.010 =BAT? That’s too low👎
    Some of the BAT were already calculated by ads count x 0.05 = BAT.

then after 1 ad appears :point_down::point_down:

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i believe its because of the fluctuation of the token bat, its getting really high, you are getting less bat but in return you are getting the same amount in us dollars or maybe more.

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The value of BAT went up by 30% for a brief moment and is now back where it has been for a while now. Don’t see how it makes sense to cut the amount of BAT received by a fifth of what it was before, seems kind of weird.

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Even for me. For 2 weeks i had not received any Ads. Today i started getting them and the reward is 0.01 BAT.

At least you receive some … here nothing! Just Background images every new tab I open… but NO rewards at all!

Can we also earn reward from the sponsored background image? How will you add it to the estimated reward?

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