Brave Rewards - Unable to connect to Gemini

Currently, I can’t connect my Gemini wallet with brave rewards for sending through my BAT. Could you please assist with this issue?


@taji88 Yes i have the same problem and i created post as well .


@Mattches said that Brave hopes to have this Gemini connection issue worked out by Wednesday. Hoping they rerun payments that same day too because I am still missing my 2021 December payout.


Same, cannot connect Gemini to Brave.


having the same issue - has any received an answer about this or figured it out?

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This feature has not worked for last 2 months

I have been receiving payment until late december. You might need to contact support

Yes hoping they will fix it soon, been looking at ads non stop lol

I am having the same issue.

me too. i could connect previously but unlinked it. now, i want to link back but this message ‘sorry there was a problem processing this request’ pops up… tried it over 2 days but still not working. anybody can help?

Same problem I was linked I unlinked then getting same message

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It’s still a week away!

As long as the issue with the Gemini network is resolved by Wednesday, it is hoped that the issue with the Gemini will have been resolved. As a matter of fact, it would be great if they would rerun the payments on the same day too because I still have not received my December 2021 payout.

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