Brave rewards missing and no claim banner

Miracles… working again as of October 9th. No idea why?

I got my bat today. You will get them have some patience.

Same Issue here. Saw pending payout, and then it just disappeared after the day, and couldn’t find anywhere to withdraw the payout.

All we need a just a bit of patience. As we already know that rewards take time because of the long list of transactions. Creating so many posts while the rewards are still in process will only make things worse.

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Yes, exactly, but I still don’t know if I should see “Claim your ad earnings now!” button while it’s still processing or not, some information about that would be helpful.

Another one here, no way to claim previous rewards, no rewards paid to Gemini wallet. I had verified my Gemini wallet after my first lot of BAT rewards so I have no idea where that has gone, anyone know how to get this into Gemini wallet?

I’m having the same problem with 3 braves (Beta, Nightly, Original). It also doesn’t show incoming ad values on the “Brave Rewards” card. It also shows the payment date as December 8th.

I got reward. It automatically send to Uphold wallet with a few days delay. I am waiting for the same in Gemini Wallet.

Give it a time, it needs time. I think this is about to increasing popularity. More payments = more operations to do = more time.

just wait. The status of payments will be “payments paid out” then let’s start to report in a right way. There is scheme how do it properly. :slight_smile:

Thanks I now see this credit into my Gemini account.

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Good to hear. I am still waiting for pay out to Gemini wallet. :slight_smile:

If the problem will be fixed, we wait as we expected before. However, no statement has been received from the authorities in this regard yet.

Correct, nothing has been said and I still have not seen anything in my Gemini account nor can I see a way to redeem previous rewards. Little disappointed.

I’m facing the same issue

Thanks Brave!!! My issue has since been resolved!!! :+1: