Brave Rewards for October Disappeared

Hello, I earned around 11-12 BAT’s Tokens for the Month of October and it was supposed to be payed out on November 5th. On November 6th I went on my account to check my rewards and they were all gone. I looked for and possible activity or transactions and non exist. What happened to my BAT that I earned?

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Hi @av-atg,

Welcome to community! Would you be willing to share a screenshot of the transaction history in your Ads panel?


Hi @steeven,

I also have faced with the same issue. Estimated pending rewards have actual value (includes October and November), but no BAT were moved to uphold on 5th November, however next payment date has been changed to 5th December. Seems, the issue affects not only us: I have not received my payment for the month of October to see ads


Yes. I’ll send it today