I have not received my payment for the month of October to see ads

Hi, I have not received my payment to see ads the month of October that had to be paid in November, my balance does not appear on the Brave Rewards page or in my Uphold Wallet (My Uphold Wallet is verified), it just disappeared and now I only see the ads that I have seen in November, please help me.

Hi @AndresLopez,

Thanks for taking the time to write in. Would you be willing to share a screenshot of the transaction history in your Ads panel?

Thanks in advance!

Of course, I will give you what you need to help me!

Hi, got the same issue, no payout for October (at Nov 5).

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Bring the ads to Turkey too :pensive:

I’m having the same issue but the scenario is a little different. A payout showed up in my rewards account but then disappeared a hour or so later. Now, I have not receive any payout for October as of yet. Even though I’ve had payouts in previous months, I can’t see the history and I see no pending payout either.

Please help!

BAT token kitne din me claim karne ka option aata hai plz reply sir

Thanks @AndresLopez, sorry, can you also send a screen shot of your 7day Ads history? Thank you!!

Same prooblem here as well

Any help from a Moderator or someone who knows what the hell is going on?

If this keeps up i will most certainly not be using Brave very much longer.
Neither will the people i have brought over to Brave from various browsers.

I am a user; i am supposed to receive rewards for looking at Ads, this has not been the case this month.
I live in France, i do not use a VPN.
So i should receive my BAT.

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Of course, but in the history the ads seen in October do not appear, since it is only the history of the last 7 days. Please help me

Hi @AndresLopez,

Can you confirm that you have still not received your Ads payout?

Sorry for the delay here!

Hi, I have not received my payment for viewing ads, please help me

Hi, I have not received my payment for viewing ads, please help me

Steven can you get me my 13 BAT for October because I never received it.

Hi @AndresLopez - moving to DM.

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