Brave Rewards for May 2022

Its shows that my balance was deposited for may on brave but on gemini there is nothing and now the token balance on brave reset and it shows 0 BAT on Brave too now. Is this a joke?

That can take several hours to a couple days to show up. If you have waited that long and it’s still not appearing, you’ll need to create a ticket at

Nope, no joke. The way this works is we see ads and the browser tries to keep track of it, showing us an Estimated Earnings. At the end of the month, it reconciles those and submits payments. If Unverified, it turns into vBAT which is stored in your browser and usually claimable pretty quick. If you’re using Gemini or Uphold, it converts to vBAT and then sends to those custodial wallet where they are converted to BAT. This isn’t an instant process and there can be a number of things to delay it getting processed either on Brave or with your custodial wallet.

As to the counter showing 0, this is because it sent your BAT to Gemini. Therefore it’s no longer on your browser. As you see ads, you should begin to see your Estimated Earnings increase. Also, so long as you’re “Verified” and connected to Gemini within the browser, once Gemini shows you have a BAT balance you should see that reflected within your Brave Rewards section as well. They just can’t show it while it’s “in-between.”

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