Balance 0.00 for 6 months

Hello everyone! I’ve been using Brave for almost two years, and since around November (when “Gemini” was removed in Europe), my balance has been at 0.00 for almost six months. Since they removed “Gemini,” I haven’t connected any other wallet like Uphold. What I wanted to ask is: occasionally, towards the end of the month, I see on Brave that “ex. 2.5 BAT is coming.” But where exactly are they going? I haven’t connected any wallet, so where do these BAT tokens end up? I contacted support, but I haven’t received a response.


Hello, I’m experiencing the same problem. I’ve been out of rewards for 6 months, is this because of the Gemini account not being linked? or what’s going on?

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Could you both submit tickets and we can investigate further? Thanks!

Sure! How do I post a ticket? :sweat_smile:

The link posted above. Thanks

Posted 21 days ago, but no answer yet, and still getting no rewards…

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What is your ticket number? Thanks

The ticket number → 201221 . Thanks!

Your Rewards profile isn’t linked to a custodian, so you will not be able to earn until you’re connected to Gemini or Uphold.

You can learn more here:


Oh I see, thank you. It’s too complicated, I rather stick to my old good Firefox. Regards and thank.

having the same issue!

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