Brave Rewards Dark Mode

Hey I always think that it would be very nice, if the brave rewards tab and the menu that open by clicking the icon on the right top, also supports a dark mode, because everything is in a nice darkmode only this function is white …

Yeah, it is a bit of an eye shock when you open it (if you use Dark mode) :upside_down_face:


My case… Ubuntu LTS 20.04… Gnome Tweaks… Dark Mode… it looks great.

This is only the shield, I meant the rewards, the triangle next to it

How do you have dark mode for all of brave, is it due to ubuntu dark mode or do you use a certain extension? If so, do you mind sharing the extension here?

First, I installed Gnome Tweaks for Ubuntu, using Ubuntu Weyland desktop: icons and everything in Adwaita-dark; Extensions, activate user theme and upload arc-darker. In Brave, go to brave://flags, and enable Force dark Mode., selecting all non-image elements (and you can avoid to install any extension).

Now, if you’re looking for Plasma desktop, edit everything to darkes colours possible, and go to brave://flags…