Dark mode for Icon and Launch

App is great, but the white on app launch is blinding. Shouldn’t be like that in dark mode. Also , the white in the icon on home screen should have the option of being dark grey to be in line with dark mode as well. It’s just pretty jarring when everything else on my phone is consistent with dark mode, but when I need to browse the internet I’ve gotta sacrifice my eyes to a flashbang. Platform is iOS.

on mobile there is a dark mote in settings …

I don’t think you’re understanding my post. I know there’s dark mode, but it’s not a complete dark mode. Yes once you’re in the app it’s dark, but I’m talking about the app launch where it’s white for a moment. As well as the icon on the homescreen itself which is white and orange, when it can be grey/black and orange to be in line with dark mode.

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Man I feel ya.
My web version is not all dark…
It could be all dark, brave team could develop this question.