Dark mode in Brave Rewards page

Hey guys!

I know there’s been some threads about the Dark Mode in the Brave Rewards page in the past, but all I could find was from a year ago. Do you guys have an ETA or an update on the dark mode in the Page Rewards?

I personally have been working my entire life with computers and my eyes are completely destroyed thanks to them. They’re really sensible to light specially at night. It’s been already many years that I feel more comfortable with dark backgrounds, and I really love the dim touch (not fully black) of Brave… but every time I open the Rewards page, mainly when I’m browsing late night, it’s like somebody just stabbed my eyes. Sorry about the gross example, but that’s exactly how it feels to me.

Well, anyway, I’m not gonna tell my entire life here, but as you stated in the default text, I believe it’s always better and nicer to explain why if you wanna ask for something :slight_smile:

On a sidenote, keep up the good job, guys. To be honest, I saw a couple of streamers promoting the browser and I thought it was just some sort of unjustified hype… until I gave it a go. You guys are doing an amazing job! Best browser ever! Thanks!

OK, I’ll go now :sweat_smile:

Was going to make a thread about it, great that you already did. Upvote

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Hello admins/devs,

Any update on this long-wanted feature request?