Brave rewards Crashing on android

My brave wallet on android is crashing i have 130 token and I’m trying to transfer the fund to my uphold wallet that i have created in the windows browser there is no problem with the verification but in the android browser when i click on verify the browser crashes and send me to the home screen.

this happen after the first i try to verify the wallet it when trough and i decided to finish setting up the account on the computer when i when back to click on verify on the android browser i was having that problem with it anytime i click on verify the browser just crashes.

I found the problem after so much time and after posting this.

the issue with anyone who have a android wallet and have the crashing problem is that if you have a uphold account and you try to verify the wallet it will tell you that your region is not supported so there is a issue there with the uphold regions that are not supported crashing the android browser.

solution go to your uphold account on the integrations section and remove the integrations with the android browser and after a couple of minutes it will say that you disconnected the account and it will not crash but you will have to wait untild your region is available.

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