Unable to verify uphold on android

I have the brave beta browser installed on my laptop and my android phone.
Brave beta 1.30.57
Android 11
Samsung Galaxy s20 FE

I have uphold wallet with over 100BAT. It is verified on my laptop have everything synced on my phone and my browser.

When I try to verify my uphold wallet on my phone I am unable to. I tap the link that says “if you already have a verified uphold account, continue to login”
After I enter my email and password it sends me straight to the the brave rewards section of the browser and my uphold is still not verified on my android phone.

When it opens the verification site, click on the Lion Icon and switch it off and see if that solves it.

I tried it again with shields down and this time i manage to get the pop up for the 2FA.
After I enter the code it takes me back to the brave rewards section but the wallet is still not verified. I tap “continue to login” or “verify wallet” to try again and the app crashes.

Keep trying to do it.

The same thing had happened to me, and I got it done after many tries.
If its still crashing, trying restarting your device too.

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