Brave Rewards Bug (0.56.12 release)


Hey folks,

There is a bug relevant to the new ability to TIP Youtube channels. If you land on a channel but ‘auto-contribute’ is off, you will not have the ability to tip the channel;

You will have to close the channel, turn on auto-contribute, reload channel, tip, and then turn off auto-contribute again. After these steps it will work properly.

This can be reproduced by turning off auto contribute, open up a new tab, and going to a channel you have not visited before to try and tip.


@Raolin, thank you for reporting this!
Just tested on our end and it looks like we can reproduce this. Will likely open an issue for this for us to track - will come back and post it here for your reference once it’s up.


Here it is:

Thank you again for pointing this out!


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