If I turn off auto contribute, am I get reward?

Hello I am new brave user. actually I don’t understand auto contribute feature fully. so I have question.

  1. if I turn off auto contribute, am I get reward?
  2. if I contribute to channels is this cut from my free reward?
  3. How can I get free reward? Browsing any site or only brave verified site?

@hrsagar first, I assumed you’re asking as a user. So:

  1. In order to get “rewards” / earn BAT, you need to opt-in to Brave Ads (available for desktop and Android in supported regions). Brave will show you an ads as system notification.


  1. You can have Brave Ads enabled with Auto-contribute disabled.

They are two different feature with each own setting. Brave Ads is a feature to earn BAT while Auto-contributr is a feature that allow Brave user to support online creators. But it’s better if you also support online creators.

  1. Auto-contribute and tipping will use funds that you have on your brave://rewards wallet. Either it’s BAT from grants, from ads or your own funds.

More https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/categories/360001053052-Rewards

Let me know if it’s still unclear.


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