Brave Rewards are missing after verifying my uphold wallet?

I recently connected and verified my uphold wallet to the Brave rewards which had 14+ BAT in balance but I only received 1.390 BAT reward in my uphold wallet and the rewards from all the previous month (Jun-21 to Dec-21) are missing and not able to retrieve them.

Please help recover my BAT rewards.

P.S. I’ve uploaded the screenshot of one of the monthly statement.


Can somebody from Brave team respond to this query or guide me to the Brave help ?

Any update???

As I’m looking there, the top left shows you’re looking at July 2021 only. You’re not looking at all of your rewards or activity. This is why we see ONLY your July 8 payment.

Instead of a monthly statement from 2021, it would be more important to share a screenshot of your Brave Rewards page that is connected to your Uphold account.

Anyway, check my post at Old PSA, what to do if no payment yet and then make sure you’re contacting Mattches and Steeven with the information they need…which I list in that post.

Thanks for the response but all my accumulated rewards for the past 8-10 months are missing ever since I linked to uphold wallet, please see my current balance in the screenshot added, whereas my total reward should be 15.50 BAT

Uploading: JUL-21 Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 23.42.32.png…

Uploading: OCT-21 Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 23.42.57.png…

Please update on my query.


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