Brave Rewards Amount Different from Uphold Amount?

Is anyone else having this problem?

When I click the Rewards button in my Brave browser, the amount shown is different from the amount shown in Uphold when I hit Withdraw Funds

How do I get all my Brave Rewards to Uphold?

Sidenote: I think I fixed this but I’m also signed up to Brave Publishers and recently received some BAT that was automatically converted to USD. Will changing my Deposit Currency from USD to BAT in my Brave Publishers dashboard fix this?

Last question: can I see the details of BAT I receive via the Publishers program somewhere? I’m wondering where/who it came from if possible. Or do I just see the amount without any additional detail?

Thank you!!

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thanks and welcome get all my Brave Rewards to Uphold?

Bumping for visibility

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Says I have 383.7 BAT total but will only transfer 115.3. Why?

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Nevermind, seems to be working now

Don’t know what the problem was

just curious how are you earning so much

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Didn’t seem like much to me for almost half a year of use. I think you’d have to ask whoever writes the algorithm for this feature.

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