Brave rewards all BAT lost on 30th april

I was having around 2 BAT on thr 30th of april by afternoon it was there but when i checked it in the evening it was 0 BAT. But the ads i watched is still there as 150 or something. What is the issue exactly??

My loss of $ occurred before yours yet my losses are similarly puzzling. I took a snapshot on April 14th for BAT due May 5th, the total was 5.275 BAT for 80 ads. Two weeks later, I take a snapshot of the balance right now on April 30th for BAT due May 5, the total is 2.045 BAT for 165 ads. You will notice a reduction of 3.23 BAT despite an increase in ads received for tokens due for distribution on May 5th. Will an admin please resolve this problem for me? It would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Why You have so many tabs

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