Brave rewards ads issue

Hi I’m mijan,

I’m using barve browser about 1 years+, But I have never encountered this problem before.
I use brave multiple software on windows 10, and i get ads notification always 15-20 one time, i mean always i see 15-20 ads notification on my windows notification bar, but after this update 1.23.71, the system are not work, i run in background my all brave and get all brave ads before, but the 4 days I’m not get ads notification like before, i receive only one ads and i see the ads in my windows 10 notification bar, why this problem? My windows notification + brave ads service all is ok, still the same problem, now the situation is if i use the brave browser after will the ads is come, if i just run in background the ads will not come, i test my all brave notification but all is ok, just problem with brave rewards,
Please help me :pray:
How can i solve it?


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