Brave Reward wallet various?

I realise there is still an issue with Brave Rewards lately but does this also include the claim rewards process too?? Im clicking ads as usual but the claim rewards button dont work still?? What URL’s / IP’s does Brave Browser talk too for Brave Rewards wallet??

Next I tried to add funds to my browser via my connected uphold Brave browser card like ive done in the past but the BAT is confirmed on UpHold and that shows the BAT balance but its not being added to my Brave Browser at all even after 7 days now??

Also I read about the Changes to the Rewards wallet setup which mentions why using the backup phrase no longer is usable for syncing Brave Rewards wallets so until a rewards wallet sync is completed whats the best method to sync multiple brave rewards wallets? Would connecting to the same uphold account work (if the uphold send / receive works between uphold and brave browser)?

Does the Brave rewards wallet have its own Wallet Public address or is that again linked using the uphold Brave Browser cards address now? To add to this are there any plans to be able to link the Brave rewards wallet and Brave Wallets in anyway?? Id love if i could also add the Rewards Wallet to the Crypto Wallet extension as an additional wallet!!

Thanks for the work Brave Devs, hoping someone can help with my issues??

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