Brave Reward users in Philippines

For my fellow Filipinos who are still using brave. Do you think that our country will be able to withdraw our BAT rewards in the future?

What should we do with our current BAT reward holdings?


I’m still newbie. What’s the problem withdrawing BAT? I saw a thread about Uphold banning PH

Users from the Philippines won’t be able to transfer BAT rewards to custodial wallets. So it will only stay in Brave Wallet and won’t be able to be used. Only choice is to give to content creators.

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What about Gemini then? Most of the tutorial videos i saw are withdrawing the token through Uphold. I rather save the tokens first rather than donating it to creators since i dont have enough and i just started 2 months ago.

The ban on the Philippines may not last forever. You can continue to HODL your earnings in hopes that the ban is removed. Otherwise as you stated, you can use it to tip creators.

I hope so it will not last forever and my laptop could last up until that happen.

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