Uphold Doesn't Serve the Philippines


I just learned that Uphold doesn’t serve the Philippine market. I have BATs in my wallet already. How can I withdraw these?

Uphold has poor customer service and I think it’s high time you consider another wallet provider which also doesn’t discriminate specific countries.

Looking forward to a resolution to this.

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Yes. You can forget Brave’s reward features because you cannot use your BAT. Change browser if you’refrom the Philippines.

Okay RIBOY REYES, thanks for the heads up
I think it’s suspicious for Brave Browser to not inform users from the Philippines about this. what do you think? did they just want us to click on the ads?

You can try Gemini Wallet

Yes but my BATs are still inside Brave Browser wallet which is controlled by Uphold.

change your wallet in your publisher account, disconnect uphold and connect gemini wallet

Hey Dek,

So all user accounts are Publisher accounts by default?
Also, where can I disconnect Uphold?

I just created a Publisher account. How can I transfer my Brave Rewards to my Publisher account?

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