Is Brave Rewards forever banned in the Philippines?

I’ve been using Brave for 2 years now and had just recently found out about Brave rewards. It’s frustrating to only know about this feature months after it’s been banned. Is there really no chance for Brave Rewards to get unbanned in PH?

I think there is, but it’s the external wallet’s decision (gemini and uphold), hoping these two will lift the ban. Meanwhile, we can also hope for another custodian wallet to be linked in brave, there are no active talks about whose going to partner but I believe brave is constantly looking for partners. But if there’s new, then maybe we can link our brave rewards to that new one and be able to withdraw. Again don’t held hopes too high on this one, for now accumulate BAT, tip it if you like and also hope your rewards wallet will not be corrupted as you might lose what you had accumulated.

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