Brave reward problem with ads and estimated earning

I have been using brave browser from last month and now from last 15 days I facing major tribal that each every time when I watch ads on my pc it counts and suddenly at end of all task every thing reset (estimated earning and counted ads)

this seen happens with me since the last 15 days then I watch some post about this in community that there will be some server error which I thought fixes as soon .
But today new month start and my all eds are removed from my estimated earning but as i see bat amount in earning but when i watch my first ad of the month suddenly by past ads reward cut as last 15 days and come to 16.2 which is first 17.2

evryday i watch ads but i get nothing in statting of the day all run good but at last i lost my all watching of ads so I write this issue to inform brave team.

in short, I watch every day around 20 ads but at the end of the day all the ads an earning from that ads fos vanished, write now i have 16.3 Bat in estimated earning which might be reached about 30Bat if all run proper I lost my all rewarded in this issue …

hope you find this issue and fix it

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