Brave recommended websites are virus sites

Description of the issue:
When I type in the search bar for brave (Android), it recommends websites such as lpcloudsvr302, mail ru, softonic, and plenty more with the right combination of letters. Using a touch screen I’m afraid of accidentally tapping on these “recommended” links. This is VERY concerning to me. Scary to me, too. Why would it do this?!

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open Brave on android and type “Lpc” or “soft” or “mail”

Actual Result:

Expected result:
Result is visible there in the screenshots

Reproduces how often:
Every time

Brave Version:
Brave 1.0.91
(Chromium 73.0.3683.90)

Mobile Device details:
Samsung Galaxy J7 V

Android/iOS Version:
Android 8.1.0; SM-J727V Build/M1AJQ

Additional Information:
I started using Brave about two days ago and love it so far, except for these scary things!!

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@Lkj Welcome to a brave new world all your complains would be handled and sorry about the scare. Lookout for changes in upcoming releases

@mattches this is a great concern and attentions needs to be paid to the sites recommended.

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Can you go to Menu --> Settings --> Privacy --> Search and URL Suggestions and ensure that this box is unchecked?

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It was already unchecked. I haven’t touched this setting before (or did I?)

I still get the search suggestions for these scary sites

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