Incompatible website+Search engine suggestions

I am using Brave Mobile for Android. I would like to report a incompatible website it dose not matter if the Brave Shields are up or done. The websites incompatible in Brave works in other Browsers. The website is My other question is I hang Bing as my default search engine. I want to know when typing in the URL box how can have search suggestions and NOT search in my history?

Hi and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

I really can’t help, but decided to post to basically bump your post. Maybe someone will jump in with more information.

I use a PC and that site works fine. If you are still experiencing the issue on your mobile, you can post a new topic in Browser Support/Mobile Support. When you create the new topic, make sure you read the instructions and follow the template that is displayed in the editor.

I do not know how to approach the second question. It just raises more questions for me! lol Not really sure what “history” you are wanting to exclude, but have you gone into brave://settings/appearance and toggled off any of the settings that appear to relate to your issue? I pasted an image below of my settings. Are any of these related?


Also, I added the option to include bookmarks and brave community in my search results. You haven’t set that up for any sites have you? You can check at brave://settings/searchEngines under “Other search engines”.

Well, I’ve rambled on enough! Hopefully, someone who understands exactly what you are asking can jump in! :smiley:

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