Malware on mobile browser


Over the last few days I noticed an odd symbol in my Brave mobile browser search bar.

I did a search on the image and found it to be something to do with a company called Visymo.

I assume I somehow inadvertently allowed this to have access to my phone’s browser, but I’m normally very good at spotting these things. I also thought the browser was very good at making it hard for these things to get in about my settings.

It’s obviously something I’ve done.

I uninstalled and reinstalled and it seems to have gone now, but I’m a bit paranoid. Does anyone know of any way I could find have found this little bit of malware without having uninstalled the brave browser? Or how it might have got into the browser?

I’ve attached the symbol. It’s very subtle.


do you have a complete screenshot?

I don’t unfortunately because I cropped, but I’ve shown where that icon appeared in this image.

Mmm, I believe it was a search engine that maybe you enabled without notice, doesn’t seem like it was malware :thinking:

Definitely didn’t have anything other than DDG enabled as default engine.

Never mind. Maybe just a little mystery.

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