Visited website keeps popping up after deletion

Description of the issue:

I’ve tried repeatedly deleting cache and history of all time, but it doesn’t seem to remove visited sites from the automatic website suggestion list. Is there a possibility to delete sites from that list, or will every website I’ve visited always appear for me, when I start typing in the address bar?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Visit any site.
  2. Delete history.
  3. Keep seeing the site suggestion by typing a part of the adress.

Expected result:

Deleting a website from the suggestions or deleting all of them.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.7.0
Mobile Device details
Galaxy S7
Additional Information:

that interesting topic. Really interesting topic. i thinks the Brave will pop up the transparency page again. :slight_smile:

ohh same there on PC

Are you only clearing history, or are you clearing site data and other settings in the browser as well?

I’m deleting everything under ‘Clear browsing data’

Did you select “All time” for the time range, @mr13?

All the boxes checked and time set as all time

Not to just jump in the frey but was 1.70 made stable? I’m still on the github release and haven’t seen this. And I just so happen to have a Galaxy S7 edge lying around too.
What android version are you on? If your on nougat I know Brave has stability issues but not of anything like this.

Tl;Dr What android version are you running? @mr13

Can you check if AutoComplete searches and URL is enabled in Settings under Privacy? If so can you try disabling it and check?

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Running 8.0 aka Oreo

Autocomplete was already toggled off. Tried turning it on to turn it back off again, but it didn’t even leave it as activated…

What sites are getting shown? Can you take a screen recording of the issue happening? Would make it easier to check

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