Brave Quirky by comparison to Firefox and Chrome

I’m not a big Techie but I’ve noticed Brave is a bit quirky. I cannot open pdf documents on some websites, it just shows a message "Loading "but I can go to Firefox or Chrome on the same website, click the button and the document opens almost immediately. And opening a pdf file I’ve posted this topic before and after looking through all the comments and questions I’m thinking Brave may not be the right product. I was hoping for Brave’s security with Chrome’s performance but that may be pushing it. Whereas Firefox, while not private as Brave, works exactly like Chrome, what am I missing?

perhaps try with shields lowered, should be the first step in troubleshooting any page loading issue with brave. could be blocking something necessary on some sites.

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I lowered the shields completely for the website in question and the problem still exists. Any other recommendations?

Well, I’m not sure what I did but now, even with the shields up and pdf documents set to open in Brave everything now works as advertised.

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