Brave still giving me ads even after disabling rewards

I have been getting rampant pop up ads from brave and I disabled your Brave Rewards, this is getting incredibly irritating when I am just trying to not use brave for ads. Brave is a great platform but if this isn’t a glitch and I’m being forced to see ads when I even disable them I am going to uninstall this browser. With that being said I would appreciate any support on this issue.

Would disabling ads showing for the app on the windows notifications help any? Or maybe enabling rewards only to put 0 ads per hour on in the settings work. I think the ads might be still coming through because you disabled brave rewards but you can still get ads even having the rewards disabled, that just means you do not get paid to view them. So perhaps changing the settings to 0 per hour might work

Tried that but not even that worked in the end, I think this new update is broken.

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