BUILDING brave without popup, forever! possible

I am sick of tired of browser like opera which promises to suppress the popup but nevertheless browser itself has been solicitating their own popup. I am considering first time to buidl my own browser and deploye, how easy to build the brave browser which completely disables any possibility of popup ever doing by browser itself?

Hello @ggbr000

sure you can build your own browser if you like
this is the github of brave

not sure if i got your question but you can disable the ads reward if you do not like to get ads notification from brave
go to brave://rewards/ then disable ads

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

i am not talking about disabling popups from visited sites. I am talking about browser itself is promoting its fucking own content which pissed crap out of me. THat was the case with opera retards. If i go for brave browser, i need to entirely be able to build its browser so that no popup by browser can not be ever shown, all updates to browser itself is blocked such that it can not start doing popups in thefuture. If that isnot the case, I dont see benefit of switching to brave.
If you wanna see what i am talking about checkout this link

i am software developer but i am not familiar with the browser source code, so I ma hoping to get some help on this.

go to brave://settings/content/notifications

turn off notification

Based on Brave:

It does not have popup ads, BATs, auto-update.

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