I'm not getting ad pop-ups any longer


I’m not getting ad pop-ups any longer. How can I get them back?

I just had this issue on my windows 10 laptop. I went to the notification center and checked my settings. For some reason Brave was switched off. I had pop-ups all day yesterday.

I know how to get to the Brave Settings, but there’s no info about Brave being shut off. How do I go the the notification center and what do I check in settings?

I hope that solves your issue.

my notifications are on but still not receiving ads pop ups what is goin with brave
guys solve this glitch asap

Links to help troubleshoot:

If nothing in the troubleshooting topics apply, you will need to open a support request by creating a new topic in Brave-Ads Support. Make sure to follow the instructions and use the template provided in the editor.

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