Brave Playlist to add new YouTube Videos doesn't work at the Moment!

Hi, I recently stopped being able to add videos from YouTube to my offline playlist. It now says “An error occurred while loading the resource”, I hope you can take care of this as soon as possible.


Please update to v 1.58.2 in the app store as this version contains the fix for this issue.


Since I downloaded IOS 17.1 (yes, I’m an Apple beta user), I can’t download/play songs from the Brave playlist. Whenever I try to play them, I get the error message: Sorry, there was a problem loading the resource. I have restarted the whole phone several times and it is the latest version. Does anyone have a solution? Many thanks in advance! Technical details IOS version: 17.1 Beta Brave version: 1.57.2 Phone: Iphone 11 Pro Max (107.1 GB/148.6GB)
Oh, I have the same problem on an iPhone 13 Pro Max. But with the final IOS version 17.1.1
Brave has the version: 1.58.2 (

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You may need to remove anything they added in the last update, then re-add them again in the new update.

Okay, I’m testing it. @Mattches

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