Playlist error while saving youtube videos

Dear Forum,

I have been using Brave enthusiastically for 2 years now and I noticed something that used to work some time ago, but currently no longer:

the “Add to playlist” feature that allowed me to save my favorites Youtube videos, has broken. When I try to open the playlist and select the video I just added to the playlist, I get a popup saying “There was a problem with the resource”

I tryied to unistalling/re-installing Brave back but the problem is still there

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open a video on Youtube
  2. Click on "add to playlist
  3. Access the playlist and select the video just added
  4. Do you also get the error popup?
    Expected result:
    I should be able to open the video just saved offline

Brave Version:
Brave v1.63.2(183)
Mobile Device details
My iPhone: XS Max iOS 17.4.1

Thank you very much


same issue also with the latest v1.64(123)

thank you

Same for me and I also opened a ticket about it here:

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