Brave Playlist always pauses

Brave Playlist has a few major bugs. When I close my phone as my video is playing, the video pauses and I have to open my phone to play the video. It’s really inconvenient that the video just doesn’t continue to play. Also when the next video starts, it doesn’t play until you manually play it. That is also really annoying and inconvenient because I can’t just continuously listen to the items in my playlist; instead I am having to sit over my phone and play everything as it goes. I tried troubleshooting but it did not work. If you could please fix these two bugs in an upcoming update for the Brave app, it would be greatly appreciated!

Please specify your OS, Brave version.

I use Brave Nightly on android to use Playlist on android since it hasn’t been rolled out to stable release on Android. I have never faced issue like you. Also could you check if you have background playback enabled?

I currently have the setup of iPhone, iOS 16.5, Brave 1.51.2 ( According to my app information, I use BraveCore 1.51.114 (113.0.5672.92). Yes, I do have Background Audio enabled but it is not doing anything to fix the issue.

Hopefully that makes sense and covers the information that you needed. Thank you for your reply!

Okay. @Saoiray any thing you might know?

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