Videos playing in background BUG

IOS version 15.4.1, Brave Browser version 1.41 (

When I’m playing a video on Youtube, I have it set so that it will keep playing if the screen locks, which used to work fine. Now, it won’t stop auto-playing. If I pause a video and close the app, lock the screen, or switch tab, it will start playing again even though I just told it to pause playing. It’d be fine if it was currently playing when I closed it for it to continue playing, but if I pause the video and then close the app, it shouldnt’ resume playing again. I can’t get it to stop resuming playback when I close the app without swiping into ios control centre and pressing pause or pressing back to go back to a page without a video on it.

I think the below Brave GitHub issue report is related to your issue. The fix is on the way and should be released in a few days.

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