Brave on iPad: Videos on some sites don't go into fullscreen mode

Description of the issue:
Brave on iPad has problems putting video in fullscreen mode on some sites like or When you tap the fullscreen toggle over the video it doesn’t react, the video just stays in embedded mode, the fullscreen toggle changes and displays as if the video was in fullscreen mode, but it isn’t.

Putting video in fullscreen on other pages like YouTube works fine.

Safari on the same iPad and Brave for iPhone work just fine with video on these sites, it is just the iPad Brave app that is having problems.

Fullscreen video on Brave on iPad on these sites worked fine some months ago.

I have done this troubleshooting already:

  1. Cleaned cache on Brave: Didn’t help
  2. Uninstalled Brave, restarted iPad OS, and reinstalled the app: Didn’t help.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. On an iPad, go for example to
  2. Select an ongoing match and pick a video stream
  3. When the stream launches it is shown in embedded mode.
  4. Tap the fullscreen toggle on the lower right of the video
  5. Observe how the toggle changes (arrows in the toggle now point inwards instead of outwards) but the video just continues playing in embedded mode.
  6. Other sites like present similar issues.
  7. Sites like YouTube don’t present this issue.
  8. Brave on iPhone or Safari on iPad don’t present this issue.

Expected result:
When you tap the fullscreen toggle on a video it should change from embedded to fullscreen mode.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.61.1 (
BraveCore 1.61.102 (120.0.6099.71)
Device iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 2. Generation (iPadOS 17.3)

Mobile Device details
iPad Pro
iPadOS 17.3 (21D50)

Additional Information:
This problem started some months ago, before this, Brave didn’t have any issue with video on these sites.

I have the same issue.

Here are some pics with examples that show that Safari on the same iPad doesn’t have any problems with fullscreen video on those sites:

This is the same behaviour as for me, just won’t go to fullscreen, but Safari works fine, as above.

Any updates? This issue still persists for me.

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