Starting fullscreen of video is glitching out

What is happening?
Whenever I’m trying to fullscreen a video (either by pressing “f” or clicking the fullscreen-button) the video is stopped for a few milliseconds and the screen glitches out (the transition is weird).
First, Brave goes into fullscreen, then the rest of the screen shifts up, stays shifted up with the video still in normal size, stops for half a second and then the video itself goes into full screen.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open any website that streams videos (like Youtube or Twitch)
  2. Open a video
  3. Press “f” or click the fullscreen button

Expected result: A smooth transition into fullscreen

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.7.92 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
This happened on every site I tested: Youtube, Twitch, Prime Video.
I’m on Mac and installed Brave earlier today.
I already turned off my extensions (all three of them) and tried disabling hardware acceleration.

I couldn’t find a post that reports this, so I hope someone can help me.


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Hi @Demerion, welcome to Community!
I can’t recreate the issue you’re experiencing. Would you be able to provide us with some sort of screen capture / GIF of the issue you’re experiencing. I’d like to see the glitch/behaviour to help resolve the issue.

Yes of course, my bad. I meant to record it but forgot :slight_smile:

Here you go:

The quality isn’t the best because I had to convert it to mp4 only to find out that I can’t upload files as a new user xD
I hope the link is okay!

So it looks like Brave itself is not fullscreen and then when making the video fullscreen, it’s pushing Brave to go fullscreen and then making the video fullscreen.
Can you try making the window fullscreen and seeing if the transition to fullscreen video is smoother?


I tried that, but besides the pushing up it still behaves weird compared to other browsers. Maybe that’s just the animation chosen for Brave.

It also shifts everything down when moving the cursor up to reveal the action (?) bar and the options to close the window etc, as you can see at the end of the video.

Some pages like Youtube and Twitch have to resize when you do that (the video player changes a bit), other pages like this one simply move down (which isn’t that bad).

Firefox doesn’t shift anything but simply overlays the action bar and window options instead of pushing down the website.
Maybe it is related to this?
They also have this weird animation when Firefox is in fullscreen and I’m trying to make the video fullscreen, however, it is noticeably faster and therefore less intrusive.
In window mode, however, Firefox has the classic animation when the video changes to fullscreen.

Here is a video where Brave is in fullscreen:

Here is how it looks in Firefox:

I hope this helps.


Hey, any news on this?

Is there something you guys can do? @Aa-ron

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