What happened to iOS version?

There are some issues now in the new version for iOS. Where has the read mode gone? Why isn‘t it possible now to open a link in a new tab without activating java script? It feels very different now using brave. I am not sure whether I like all the changes. And it looks like the new version ist very beta. I am very disapointed since the former updates were improvements, the last update is more than one step back.

I have a newer iPad and Brave is virtually unusable. Doesn’t load, locks up, Now I have to use Safari.grrr

Hi @raulkatos @powerpak59,

Apologies for the inconveniences. Brave on iOS is migrating from UIWebView to the new Apple’s WKWebView. That’s why some features is missing. https://brave.com/brave-1-7-on-ios/

We can expect for the improvement. I believe the team is working hard on it.


As I informed before, I could not find brave in app store. I uninstalled it few weeks back for that it being slow etc. But now I want to reinstall and I could not find it in app store. iOS on iPhone.


@nellaiseemai have you updated to iOS v12 yet?

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