Brave not storing two factor authentication

Description of the issue: Some sites using two-factor authentication offer to save the authentication for a period of time so I don’t have to request a new code for every login. BUT Brave is not storing the two-factor information, at least not for many sites, or not for longer than a day or two.
How can this issue be reproduced? Go to a site requiring two-factor authentication, in my case a code texted to my phone, and when entering the code, check the box that says something like “Register this machine” or “Private machine” to save the login.

Expected result: If you return to the site it may or may not remember the authentication. Sometimes it remembers for a week, sometimes for less.

Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.47.186

Additional Information: Third party cookies are blocked. All others allowed. I have whitelisted the sites I want to save the authentication, including allowing them to save third party cookies. Cookies are NOT erased when the browser closes.

Does the authentication permission save some other way? I assumed it would be a cookie, but perhaps not?

I haven’t verified with my own eyes, but I also think this function is cookie-based; in other words, the site probably stores some kind of identifier on your machine (in a cookie) so it can consider it “the same” when you return later.

I use a bunch of sites with 2FA/MFA and I don’t have this issue, so I do think it’s something local on your device or configuration.

Are you using any extensions?

Can you try it in a new profile? Not asking for you to go overboard, but a simple test might be to visit Site X, complete the MFA and sign in, etc. in the new profile. The don’t use that profile again for a week or two and see if the issue still occurs there.

Do you have any other ‘security’ or ‘privacy’ software on your machine? Sometimes 3rd party ‘privacy’ apps can trawl thru your filesystem and blow away cookies, ‘for your protection’ of course.

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