Brave does not allow to save Login Passwords

Description of the issue:

I have troubles when trying to log in again to any website; after saving my password on this site once after entering for the first time, the browser asks me to save my user and its password. Once I close the website and try to enter there again, for instance the following day or 3 hours later, my user is remembered but not the password. I am having too much troubles with this as I am a new Brave and being forced to remember or write again any password makes it difficult to navigate smoothly.

There is no exact URL website with this problem as this happens in ALL of them. I have already looked for opinions and topics on the community forum and everything is OK regarding my settings, all exit boxes are clear for instance.

On the other hand, creating a new profile is not an option as BAT tokens are still on my initial profile.

Is there already a solution to the problem?

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