Brave not storing passwords and all previous saved passwords erased after recent upgrade

Current Version 1.27.108 Chromium: 92.0.4515.107 (Build officiel) (x86_64), mac OS 10.14.6. Since latest upgrade despite prompt to save password, nothing is ever saved, and all previous pw are gone. I tried to delete and downgrade to
1.24.86 Chromium: 90.0.4430.212 (Build officiel) (x86_64) when it was all good, but still same problem. There must be something that stays in from the latest upgrade which prevents pw to be stored? all good with other browsers, issue is with Brave only; too bad as it became my main browser but so far it’s a major waste of time since most sites prompt for pw . Any clues welcome! Greetings from France


In a New Window, go to:


Select each of the three columns, Basic / Advanced / On Exit

Examine all the switches. Are the switch settings what you want?

For Basic / Advanced , there is also a “Time range” and a manual “Clear data” button, while “On exit” action occurs when you Exit / Quit Brave Browser.

In particular, are the following switches set to what you want?:

  • “Advanced” “Passwords and other sign-in data”

  • “On exit” “Passwords and other sign-in data”

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The same thing happened to me with win 10. I lost all my passwords

there it is correctly configured, the error occurred from one day to the next when I turned on the pc

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Not sure what that is all about, any chance you ran out of disk space?

But aside from all that, maybe try Bitwarden, it’s a fantastic and free password manager and the browser extension works great.

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Hello and thank you for your input. I had done the whole preference settings thing, the space on the HD is plenty (100gb +) and I’m in a dead end. I’m positive it happened because of the update on that particular machine. I haven’t updated Brave on two imacs and so far so good, so i will keep it that way because i like to use Brave. So the solution for me is to use Safari on the MB air for any password required website because even uninstalling the new version to reinstall older version didn’t work. Since it is based on google chromium, maybe i shall fiddle and test what’s happening with Chrome (still installed, but not used anymore as Brave actually replaced the use of Chrome for me); it’s either compatibility issue -but no new update or install were done when the passwords functions vanished- or some BRAVE based bug. Suggestions are still Welcome. Take care

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tengo mas de 50Gb de espacio disponible aun en mi HD. el bug de brave browser solo afecto mis contraseñas almacenadas. las pestañas de favoritos no se vio afectado. como explique, un dia luego de usar la pc cerré de la manera habitual el navegador, al dia siguiente al encender ya mis contraseñas se habían desaparecido. 1 vez desde que uso brave me ocurre esto, tendré que evaluar usar un gestor de contraseña para evitar este tipo de situaciones sumamente molesta. ya que a pesar de tener el navegador sincronizado en el celular, este no es en tiempo real. ya que no funciona como chrome. que al guardar una web, carpeta o contraseña en el navegador, este automáticamente esta visible en todos los dispositivos. (algo deseable para futuras actualizaciones)

gracias JimB1 por la sugerencia del gestor de contraseñas

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